“Bare Necessities” Fundraiser for Family Nurturing Center


Giving just feels better than receiving. We truly believe in that sentiment, and the Butler Family of Dealerships, along with Radio Medford’s NOW 93.7, 105.1 the WOLF, 880 KCMX AM, and ESPN Radio 580 AM and 96.1 FM the BULL are partnering for the Bare Necessities holiday promotion to benefit the Family Nurturing Center in Medford. Our goal is to help children between the ages of 0 and 6 years old who are less fortunate than others.

“When children come to us, they often need the bare necessities that many others take for granted,” stated Lisa O’Connor, Executive Director of Family Nurturing Center. “This wonderful creative holiday fundraiser is exactly what we need to serve those less fortunate in our community. I couldn’t be more excited.” The Bare Necessities fundraiser will run from now through Wednesday, December 23rd.

The Family Nurturing Center, which opened its first center in Jackson County in 2006, has grown from a small operation serving two toddlers and their families to an organization that has supported more than 1,000 children. Our goal for this fundraiser is simple: do what we can to help one of the most incredible resources in the Rogue Valley prevent the abuse and neglect of young children.

The Butler dealerships in Ashland and Medford will be participating by encouraging their staff, families and friends to help by providing an item from the “Holiday Wish List.” The radio stations will be encouraging the public to drop off donations at Butler Ford, Acura, Hyundai or Kia. The wish list items are not extravagant or spendy, but play essential roles in the health, safety, and happiness of young children growing up in difficult circumstances.

Please join us in giving back to those who stand to gain the most from generosity at this giving time of year: underprivileged children. There are few ventures we engage in as a company that we believe in as deeply as this one, and with your help, we hope to make a very real difference this holiday season.

The Bare Necessities Wish List includes:
Booster Seats

Car Seats

Cooking Supplies (Crock Pots, Griddles, Pots and Pans)

Gift Cards (Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer)

Pull-Up Diapers


Baby Formula (Similac or Enfamil)

Baby-Proofing Supplies

Children’s Underwear 2T-6X

Children’s Socks

Boy’s Clothing 3T and Up

Boy’s Shoes (ages 2-5)

Twin Bedding and New Pillows

Baby Dolls


Construction Paper


Water-based Markers

Lice Shampoo, Spray, Combs


We thank you for your generosity, all of our radio partners for theirs, and hope that we can team up to make this the best holiday season ever for some local families.





Yes Butler Ford, There Is A Santa Claus

Mustang-reindeer-grillThe other day, our marketing department was having a (holiday) spirited debate. When, we wondered, should we wait to celebrate the Holiday season until after Thanksgiving, like Nordstrom’s just made news for doing? Or should we embrace the near-freezing temperatures and begin our festivities? As it turns out, two customers at Butler Ford settled the debate for us.

These two particular customers, Jim and Bertie, were from the North. More specifically, they were from the North Pole. Our jaws dropped. We were sending a Super Duty to the same place kids send their Christmas lists? Were Jim and Bertie the Claus family in disguise? Would it be more appropriate to list the F-250’s 385 horsepower in terms of reindeer-power?

As it turned out, the couple that was kind enough to answer our awe-struck questions denied being Mr. and Mrs. Claus (not that we’re convinced), and it would perhaps be more accurate to say they were from a North Pole, not the North Pole. The town of North Pole, Alaska is technically 1,700 miles south of the earth’s magnetic pole, but there may not be a place on earth that looks more like the North Pole than our guests’ hometown.

North Pole, Alaska is small town with a tremendous amount of holiday character. Boasting Christmas-themed architecture and more than a little Christmas spirit (there is a non-profit organization in town that responds to children’s Santa letters,) Jim and Bertie have called the North Pole home for over 40 years. Yet just like we always imagined the Clauses would like to do during the off-season, Jim and Bertie are preparing for life as snowbirds, and their Super Duty will journey with them as they adjust to life far away from the Arctic Circle.

We love hearing our customers’ stories, and our two guests from the land of caribou and candy canes made our day. We guess it’s officially okay to start decking the halls, even if we don’t put our carols on until Thanksgiving.

Business as Usual During Construction at Butler Ford

chuckcoopteardownIf you’ve driven by Butler Ford on Highway 99 in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a few changes, like the disappearance of the Ford showroom. This is the first time the blue oval hasn’t graced 1977 Highway 99 North since 1977, when Chuck and Linda Butler moved the Ford dealership they purchased a year earlier from downtown Ashland to its current location. But despite the lack of a Ford showroom and the presence of construction equipment, life at Butler Ford is still very much business as usual.

While day-to-day activity continues as usual in the Butler Acura showroom, our staff is understandably engrossed in the dramatic changes taking place next door. Demolition started in grand fashion, as Founder and President Chuck Butler and Managing Partner Warren Cooper, with help from the fine folks at Adroit Construction Co. Inc., tore down the north wall of the Ford building with a Ford F-350.

Butler Ford wasn’t built in a day, but once the excavator arrived, it was demolished almost immediately. The feeling was decidedly bittersweet. On the one hand, our entire staff was saying goodbye to a building that was the first branch of a business that now exists in two towns, four locations, and has over 100 employees. On the other hand, we’re car people; many of us fell in love with the heavy-duty vehicles we now drive, sell, and service as children watching construction vehicles at work.

Construction is set to be completed in the spring, and until then, life continues more or less as usual at Butler Ford. We’re getting acclimated to working in a showroom that doesn’t have any Mustangs in it, and Rocky is sorely missing the office he fondly calls his “man cave,” but otherwise, we’re excited about a new building as bold and elegant as the vehicles we’ve been proud to sell for almost 40 years.

Charged Up About the Southern Oregon Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Show

picsoftentWe attended the second-annual Southern Oregon Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Show on September 12th, and boy, are our batteries charged!

The event, which was organized by the Ashland Lions Club and hosted by ScienceWorks, drew a crowd despite the heat. Local dealerships gave their electric and hybrid vehicles a day in the sun, and a variety of other local businesses showed off their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint created by conventional vehicles.

tentsatfairWhile we had a great time talking with people about the vehicles we brought with us, a Ford Focus Electric and a Kia Soul EV, the real joy of this event came in meeting exceptional, passionate individuals who are part of what makes our community so great.

We got to meet Michelle Brandao, the founder and chief-executive of Ashland-based Rogue Rovers. Michelle’s all-electric rovers are designed to aide small and specialty farmers, and can be operated with or without guidance from a human driver using a cloud-based platform. Michelle brought her rover to the show, despite having recently returned from a visit to the White House, where she and her work were honored by President Barack Obama at the first ever White House Demo Day, honoring startup founders with big ideas.

nashbatteriesWe also met Pete Jorgensen, who is a member of the Ashland Lions Club and the business advisor to SOHEVA, the Southern Oregon Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Association. Pete’s Nash Metropolitan runs a little differently when it rolled off the lot in 1958, which is unsurprising, as it now runs entirely on electricity! The Metropolitan has a range of 55 miles, putting some contemporary electric vehicles to shame, to say nothing of its classic appearance.

We saw electric bikes, autonomous rovers, retrofitted cars, and even concept sketches for a hybrid three-wheeled car! Although the show is only in its second year, we were thrilled to part of the future of electric vehicles and are excited to embrace this new technology. We have a feeling local businesses, drivers, and technology enthusiasts will make this event a success for years to come!

Butler Open Houses Offer Customers an Inside Look at Butler Dealerships

openhouse1When you’ve been in business for nearly 40 years, you’re bound to have some firmly-held traditions, and the Butler family of dealerships is no exception. From our monthly birthday celebrations to Red Shirt Friday, when employees wear red to show their support for our veterans, our weeks and months are full of activities that draw on the experiences we’ve shared together over the years.

One of our favorite traditions, and the one that might be most familiar to our customers, is our Owner’s Clinic, or “Open House” gatherings. Every six months, each of our four dealerships hosts their customers for an evening of friendly fun, yummy food, and the ability to have our guests ask the staff questions about their new vehicle. Curtis Hancock, our director of parts and service, is especially proud of the rare opportunities owner’s clinics present to customers.

guyandmatt“I think there are two things that really make owner’s clinics special opportunities,” Curtis says. “For one thing, when you buy a new car, for better or worse, you’re two to 6 hours in when you take delivery of your new vehicle. Then we go over all its features, show you how it works, it’s hard to retain all that information. At an open house, you can ask us anything you want, because all of us are there, finance, sales, and service.”

rexplaining“Open houses also provide people a chance to tour the shop, one-on-one with a technician. We almost never pull service off the line, so to be able to spend 15, 20 minutes walking and talking with someone who can answer literally any question you have about your vehicle is really unusual, and when we hear from people who have enjoyed our open houses, that’s often what they talk about.”

rockWe cherish every opportunity we get to spend time with our customers, and our open house events allows us to forge relationships outside of our conventional work schedule. We had our most recent Acura and Ford open houses in August, and we are already looking forward to our next Hyundai open house on September 17th. If you’ve purchased a new Hyundai in the past 6 months, we hope to see you there!

Preserving the Life of Your Vehicle

Earlier this year AutoMD.com reported that Americans are keeping their vehicles longer than ever – just under 11 years.  Visit your local used car lot and you’ll see that trend represented in a decreased supply.  The inventory that is available often sports higher than usual odometer readings.  So, if we’re hanging on to our cars longer than ever it would behoove us to take care of them, yes?

Our plan here was to assemble a list of basic car-care tips culled from a variety of sources.  But then we stumbled upon one website that did such a comprehensive job of wrapping up automotive maintenance and care that knew we couldn’t top it.  Thanks to Reader’s Digest for this list of “74 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Automobile in Topnotch Condition”:


P.S.  We’d love to hear how you take care of your car or truck… did this list miss anything?

Kia Brake Pedal Mount Recall

The PR department at Kia is working overtime getting the word out about two recalls in as many days.  This time the warning’s directed at the just under 22,000 people who own a 2009 Borrego.  At issue is a potentially faulty brake pedal mount. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says, during an accident, the mounts are at risk of cracking which could disable the brakes.  Doesn’t seem like we need to explain the hazards of a brakeless vehicle any further than that but NHTSA went as far as saying the busted brakes could lead drivers to “experience a possible second impact.”

Kia will be contacting affected owners this month with directions on getting the potentially faulty part repaired for free.  Or, if you’d rather take the initiative, you can call the Kia Consumer Assistance Center at 1-800-333-4542.  Be sure to reference recall campaign number SC096.

The other recent recall affects Kia Rio model years 2006-2008.  For details visit  http://butlerkia.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/kia-rio-recall-affects-model-years-2006-2008/.