Hot Car: Summer in the Civic


Summer is here, and our cars are scalding. Those beautiful, black leather seats that made us so happy in the fall have now become a seething reminder of the sun’s incomprehensible power. The wood-trim steering wheels we negotiated to get a deal on are wreaking their revenge on our fingers. The black-on-black beauty we put our hard-earned cash into modifying now laughs every time we unlock it, anticipating the speed with which we will drive it home to avoid succumbing to heatstroke.

It’s hot, folks. It’s don’t play with fireworks, don’t leave your dog in the car, don’t leave your chocolate outside the fridge hot. And if, in some small way, we can help you avoid the warm-weather mistakes we made when we bought our cars, if you value staying cool in your vehicle even more than you value looking cool in your vehicle, we’re here to help.

The biggest consideration to make if you want the ultimate summer weather warrior is color. Studies show that white cars can reflect as much as 60% of the sun’s rays, while black cars can only reflect as much as 5%. That’s a pretty dramatic gulf, and it bears out in real world settings as well. If you parked a black Mustang and a white Mustang side by side on a hot summer day, the black Mustang would likely be around 20 degrees hotter than the white one, and it would take longer to cool with AC as well!

Another element to consider is the color of the interior. Cloth or leather, light-colored interior retain less heat than dark-colored interiors. If interior temperature is a serious consideration for you, you’d do well to start liking light-colored vehicles.

You may prefer red cars because of your psychology. You may prefer dark interiors because of your aesthetic inclinations. But if you prefer cars that stay as cool as possible in the summer, you’ll want to go with something white – it’s just basic physics.

Yes Butler Ford, There Is A Santa Claus

Mustang-reindeer-grillThe other day, our marketing department was having a (holiday) spirited debate. When, we wondered, should we wait to celebrate the Holiday season until after Thanksgiving, like Nordstrom’s just made news for doing? Or should we embrace the near-freezing temperatures and begin our festivities? As it turns out, two customers at Butler Ford settled the debate for us.

These two particular customers, Jim and Bertie, were from the North. More specifically, they were from the North Pole. Our jaws dropped. We were sending a Super Duty to the same place kids send their Christmas lists? Were Jim and Bertie the Claus family in disguise? Would it be more appropriate to list the F-250’s 385 horsepower in terms of reindeer-power?

As it turned out, the couple that was kind enough to answer our awe-struck questions denied being Mr. and Mrs. Claus (not that we’re convinced), and it would perhaps be more accurate to say they were from a North Pole, not the North Pole. The town of North Pole, Alaska is technically 1,700 miles south of the earth’s magnetic pole, but there may not be a place on earth that looks more like the North Pole than our guests’ hometown.

North Pole, Alaska is small town with a tremendous amount of holiday character. Boasting Christmas-themed architecture and more than a little Christmas spirit (there is a non-profit organization in town that responds to children’s Santa letters,) Jim and Bertie have called the North Pole home for over 40 years. Yet just like we always imagined the Clauses would like to do during the off-season, Jim and Bertie are preparing for life as snowbirds, and their Super Duty will journey with them as they adjust to life far away from the Arctic Circle.

We love hearing our customers’ stories, and our two guests from the land of caribou and candy canes made our day. We guess it’s officially okay to start decking the halls, even if we don’t put our carols on until Thanksgiving.

Cars and Clutter

An organizer makes clutter look less like clutter and more like a necessity.

An organizer makes clutter look less like clutter and more like a necessity.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem genetically programmed to accumulate excessive stuff in their vehicle?  Not the kind of clutter that comes with living in one’s car, or with having kids or animals, or with being a travelling salesperson.  No, the other kind of clutter, the kind that silently accumulates until one realizes she’s hauling a good third of her belongings to work, and the bank, and the drive-through every day.  The kind of clutter that results in running barefoot and goose-bumpy to the car on cold mornings to retrieve shoes, coats, and scarves because there are none left in the house.  The kind of clutter that, when one is searching for an item, finds one mentally canvassing the vehicle as well as the closets and garage.

It’s possible, at least in my case, there’s a good reason for the mound of sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets riding shotgun;  Such a stash is comforting given that my body temperature always seems to run a few degrees cooler than most.  The football comes in handy, and the roll of masking tape has the potential to but, why is there a tape measure in the console?  And do I really need the socket set used to remove the hard top  when the top will stay on until June?

I have made an effort to change my untidy ways. Because it was too easy to stack stuff on the rear seat – out of sight, out of mind, you know – I did the prudent thing and removed the seat.  Now there’s a wide expanse of beaten-up carpet upon which little is placed lest it roll around annoyingly, or at least until its far enough away from the driver’s seat that it can’t be reached… should it ever need to be reached, that is.

But the urge to let items linger in the vehicle is not so easily done away with.  Yes, there’s some degree of laziness involved but, despite what those clean-car people may think, there’s also a tiny bit of pride.  I like feeling prepared and, sometimes even am prepared!  So, the next time you’re stuck without a tape measure when you need one you might not think my cluttered car is such an eye-sore after all.

Butler Ford’s ‘Hot Summer Sale’

This time of year temperatures in Southern Oregon are usually in the 80s or 90s. Today, though, they’re only forecast to reach 70! But, no worries! Butler Ford has found the heat… and it’s right here at our Ashland location! Check out our summer sale commercial and then come visit us for some of the most smokin’ deals of the season!

Butler Adds Video to On-Line Inventory

Pictures may be worth a thousand words but, video is worth oh, so many more!  At least that’s how we’ve felt when shopping for vehicles on-line.  So, to make our inventory listings as thorough as possible we are now recording short walk-around videos of each vehicle in stock!  The videos star a member of our sales staff showing you exterior and interior features of each vehicle, and pointing out awards, safety ratings, and accolades the car, truck or SUV might have won.  We’re working on our pre-owned inventory first but, when we’re done, you’ll find videos for every vehicle in Butler stock, both new and used. We hope they help you in your on-line automotive shopping!

Ford is Most Shopped, Best Selling Auto Brand in the US

2013 Ford Edge, one of the brand's popular models.

2013 Ford Edge, one of the brand’s popular models.

If you’re looking for a vehicle chances are pretty good you’ll consider a Ford.  That’s according to online automotive research company which added up all the people who visited the site, and broke the numbers down by manufacturer.  Turns out, nearly one in every 6 visitors considered a Ford car, SUV or truck!  And many of them purchased.   So far this year Ford’s sold 1,024,000 vehicles!  Since it’s a brand we at Butler Auto Group sell we’d also like to mention that Hyundai makes the list, too.   Scroll down for the rest of the top ten or click here for the entire article.

Top Car Brands Americans Shop For:

1.   Ford
2.  Toyota
3.  Honda
4.  Chevy
5.  Nissan
6.  Hyundai
7.  Mazda
8.  BMW
9.  Subaru
10. Volkswagen


Millenials Prefer Mobile Devices to Autos

Image courtesy: / Millenial Taylor Swift uses both her cell phone and her car.  Which do you think she'd give up first?

Image courtesy: / Millenial Taylor Swift uses both her cell phone and her car. Which do you think she’d give up first?

Many Americans would consider the loss of their car the equivalent of losing their freedom. But young adults might disagree. In fact, a new survey says 18-34 year olds would be more negatively affected by losing their cell phone. The study, conducted by car-sharing network Zipcar last December, accounted for the opinions of 1,015 adults aged 18 and over. Results showed nearly two-thirds of Millenials say they’d rather have their mobile devices than own a car. A whopping 74% say they’d rather shop online than drive to a store. Nearly half say they avoid driving to see friends in favor of connecting on line, and of those who do drive, 25% say they use driving apps to reduce time on the road. Zipcar chairman and CEO Scott Griffith says, “We’re living through the most important shift in transportation in generations – the creation of a new mobility society.”

What do you think?

Visit to see all the study’s results.