Butler Open Houses Offer Customers an Inside Look at Butler Dealerships

openhouse1When you’ve been in business for nearly 40 years, you’re bound to have some firmly-held traditions, and the Butler family of dealerships is no exception. From our monthly birthday celebrations to Red Shirt Friday, when employees wear red to show their support for our veterans, our weeks and months are full of activities that draw on the experiences we’ve shared together over the years.

One of our favorite traditions, and the one that might be most familiar to our customers, is our Owner’s Clinic, or “Open House” gatherings. Every six months, each of our four dealerships hosts their customers for an evening of friendly fun, yummy food, and the ability to have our guests ask the staff questions about their new vehicle. Curtis Hancock, our director of parts and service, is especially proud of the rare opportunities owner’s clinics present to customers.

guyandmatt“I think there are two things that really make owner’s clinics special opportunities,” Curtis says. “For one thing, when you buy a new car, for better or worse, you’re two to 6 hours in when you take delivery of your new vehicle. Then we go over all its features, show you how it works, it’s hard to retain all that information. At an open house, you can ask us anything you want, because all of us are there, finance, sales, and service.”

rexplaining“Open houses also provide people a chance to tour the shop, one-on-one with a technician. We almost never pull service off the line, so to be able to spend 15, 20 minutes walking and talking with someone who can answer literally any question you have about your vehicle is really unusual, and when we hear from people who have enjoyed our open houses, that’s often what they talk about.”

rockWe cherish every opportunity we get to spend time with our customers, and our open house events allows us to forge relationships outside of our conventional work schedule. We had our most recent Acura and Ford open houses in August, and we are already looking forward to our next Hyundai open house on September 17th. If you’ve purchased a new Hyundai in the past 6 months, we hope to see you there!

Butler Supports MDA

One of Butler’s own is behind bars… for a great cause! Butler Acura sales manager Peter McFadden has been “locked up” to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association! Pete’s not actually in jail but is asking for donations to help “bail” him out. All the funds he raises will go to MDA to help find a cure for more than 40 neuromuscular conditions. If you’re interested in donating visit mda.org or, donate in Pete’s name by clicking here. (*The link on the poster includes a typo and won’t take you to the right page.)

Phoenix High Raises More Than $5,000 Through Drive 4 UR School

IMG_7971Big thanks to everyone who came out to test drive a Ford for Phoenix High School this past Saturday! Through Ford Motor Corporation’s Drive 4 UR School program the school raised $5,560 for sports, clubs, band, and other extracurricular activities. We were impressed not only with the number of students (including the band!) and staff members who volunteered but the parents and friends who made time in their Saturday to test drive a Ford. We’re proud of Phoenix High and all its supporters. Thank you for making this Drive 4 UR School yet another fantastic event!

September 2014 Events at Butler Ford/Acura!

September is a busy month at Butler Ford/Acura! We have two events coming up, both of which allow us time to visit with our customers outside of the normal sales atmosphere.

FordEblast_JOIN USAcuraEblast_JOIN US 2014
First, on Thursday, September 18th we’re having another Open House. You’ll be treated to food and tours of the shop (you know you’ve always wanted see where your car or truck gets worked on!), and have the opportunity to ask questions of our entire staff. Need help pairing your phone with your vehicle, or learning how to use your spare kit? Our Open House events provide the opportunity for both, and a whole lot more. All you have to do is RSVP by the end of the day Monday, September 15, and then show up at 5:30 on the day of the event!

Second, we’re having another Drive 4 UR School to benefit Phoenix High School! Never been to a Drive 4 UR School event? It’s fun! Test drive any one of a certain selection of Fords between 10:00 and 4:00 on Saturday, September 27th, and Ford Motor Corporation will donate $20 bucks to the high school! Funds go to support sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities. There’s also food and clothing for sale, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the band showed up to provide us with some rockin’ background tunes! Come support your favorite student; It’s easy and FUN!


Butler Auto’s Guy Fowler Wows with Chairs at FurnARTure

Way back in July when we first invited you to FurnARTure, the signature event to benefit The Studio at Living Opportunities, we had no idea our very own body shop manager was putting his skills to work on a couple pieces to be auctioned off at the event. It was only after the Adirondack chairs were built and about to be painted that Guy Fowler let us in on the action. With a tiny bit of help in the form of a stencil Guy created a pair of lovely his-n-hers chairs featuring a tree theme. The coolest part is that he used automotive paint (it’s hard to see how beautifully they shine!) so this yard décor is truly weather resistant!

On a side note, the event yesterday went fabulously. The nearly-sold-out crowd went wild for an assortment of furniture and wall décor, all to raise funds to keep The Studio open. Butler Automotive Group is beyond proud to support Living Opportunities and The Studio, and invite you to learn more and get involved.

You’re Invited to FurnARTure!

If you don’t already have plans for Sunday, September 7th we’d like to invite you to one of the most unique events around.  It’s FurnARTure, the signature event to benefit The Studio at Living Opportunities. The afternoon fete involves the auctioning of dozens of masterpieces, everything from canvases to photography, jewelry to sculpture, to furniture that’s been turned into gorgeous, functional art.  The proceeds go to support The Studio which is part of Living Opportunities, a non-profit organization that supports those with developmental disabilities in living independently and meeting their employment potential (see video above).

Linda Butler is excited to be on the art selection committee for this year’s event.  Other employees are pitching in, too, doing everything from assisting the planning committee to volunteering to voice the radio and television advertisements, to gathering friends and family to attend the party with them.  Oh, and we’re helping sell tickets for the amazing   “Gallery of Travel” raffle (see details below)!

There will be music, food, art, artists, wine, good company, and the warm feeling that comes with knowing you’re making someone’s world better just by being there.  For more information or to purchase tickets visit http://www.livingopps.org/events/.





Butler Ford Employees Come Through in Peanut Butter Drive

pbutterYou may have heard about the peanut butter drive we at Butler Ford held last week. The event was part of a Northwest Ford Dealers Advertising Association program that paired dealerships up with local food banks to bring in one of the most coveted nonperishable food items out there. Before promoting the drive to the public we discussed ways to inspire Butler employees to get in on the fun and came up with the idea of holding a competition between the sales, service, and office staff. The winning group would get some kind of a party.

pb serviceBoy, did people come through! The service department immediately went looking for outside donations and hit pay-dirt with Cash-n-Carry, Pulver & Leever Real Estate and Grocery Outlet. Just check out the stash Iman showed up with Friday morning! The sales team came through in a big way, too, calling on the folks at Rogue Valley CrossFit. One CrossFit mom even requested that all guests at her child’s birthday party bring peanut butter for her to donate!

Ultimately, we have yet to figure out which department won or even how many pounds of peanut butter we brought it but we know this much: It’s a LOT! Huge thanks to everyone who pitched in! We’re so proud to be part of this community!

Butler Ford and Phoenix High to Hold Drive 4 UR School September 27, 2014

drive-4-ur-schoolIt’s official:  Our next and ONLY 2014 Butler Ford Drive 4 UR School event will be happening this Fall!  After much discussion with Phoenix High we came to a date that works for the school and the dealership: Saturday, September 27th.  If you’re unfamiliar with Drive 4 UR School you’re in for  a treat!  Ford came up with the program as a way to get dealerships involved in their local communities by raising funds for schools.  During the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the designated day Butler Ford (at 1977 Highway 99, Ashland, OR) will have a fleet of the newest Ford models available for test drives. For each qualified test drive (you must be 18 or older to play) Ford will donate $20 to the participating school.  On Sept. 27th Phoenix will have the opportunity to earn up to $6,000 to use for sports and other extra-curricular activities!  Also, although details have yet to firm up , we usually offer a free car wash, and barbequed burgers and dogs and a variety of school attire for purchase.  The band plays, cheerleaders cheer, and we all have a great time for a good cause.  Put Saturday, September 27, 2014 on your calendar and join us for Drive 4 UR School!

Phoenix Edges Out Ashland in First Head-to-Head Drive Event

IMG_3332It was touch and go for a while as Ashland and Phoenix High Schools competed to see which school could bring in the most drivers to participate in Butler Ford’s August 2013 ‘Drive 4 UR School’ event.  But in the end the final count of 28o saw 143 Phoenix drivers, 127 Ashland drivers, and 10 with no allegiance.  So close!  The good news as that the schools have agreed to split the resulting $5,600 down the middle.  Thank you to everyone who pitched in – from the football teams holding the car wash, to the musicians who rocked the day away, to the parents who agreed to ride along with the drivers.  Great job to all involved!

August 2013 Drive 4 UR School: Phoenix Pirates vs. Ashland Grizzlies!

pirate1GrizzliesOver the years Butler Ford has held Drive 4 UR School events for the Phoenix High School Pirates and the Ashland High School Grizzlies.  But come August 2013 we’ll be holding a  a single event to benefit both schools… in other words, a face off!  As usual, Ford will donate $20 for each qualified test drive to $6,000.  The schools will compete to see who can bring in the most people!  While they’ve decided to split the proceeds down the middle the winner will walk away with bragging rights and a pizza party!  We’ll have a BBQ (each driver gets a free lunch) and a booth for school apparel sales.  We’re also expecting at least one of the school’s bands to play.   So plan to spend Saturday, August 17th at Butler Ford (I-5 exit 19, Ashland).  It’s shaping up to be a showdown!drive