Yes Butler Ford, There Is A Santa Claus

Mustang-reindeer-grillThe other day, our marketing department was having a (holiday) spirited debate. When, we wondered, should we wait to celebrate the Holiday season until after Thanksgiving, like Nordstrom’s just made news for doing? Or should we embrace the near-freezing temperatures and begin our festivities? As it turns out, two customers at Butler Ford settled the debate for us.

These two particular customers, Jim and Bertie, were from the North. More specifically, they were from the North Pole. Our jaws dropped. We were sending a Super Duty to the same place kids send their Christmas lists? Were Jim and Bertie the Claus family in disguise? Would it be more appropriate to list the F-250’s 385 horsepower in terms of reindeer-power?

As it turned out, the couple that was kind enough to answer our awe-struck questions denied being Mr. and Mrs. Claus (not that we’re convinced), and it would perhaps be more accurate to say they were from a North Pole, not the North Pole. The town of North Pole, Alaska is technically 1,700 miles south of the earth’s magnetic pole, but there may not be a place on earth that looks more like the North Pole than our guests’ hometown.

North Pole, Alaska is small town with a tremendous amount of holiday character. Boasting Christmas-themed architecture and more than a little Christmas spirit (there is a non-profit organization in town that responds to children’s Santa letters,) Jim and Bertie have called the North Pole home for over 40 years. Yet just like we always imagined the Clauses would like to do during the off-season, Jim and Bertie are preparing for life as snowbirds, and their Super Duty will journey with them as they adjust to life far away from the Arctic Circle.

We love hearing our customers’ stories, and our two guests from the land of caribou and candy canes made our day. We guess it’s officially okay to start decking the halls, even if we don’t put our carols on until Thanksgiving.

Butler Open Houses Offer Customers an Inside Look at Butler Dealerships

openhouse1When you’ve been in business for nearly 40 years, you’re bound to have some firmly-held traditions, and the Butler family of dealerships is no exception. From our monthly birthday celebrations to Red Shirt Friday, when employees wear red to show their support for our veterans, our weeks and months are full of activities that draw on the experiences we’ve shared together over the years.

One of our favorite traditions, and the one that might be most familiar to our customers, is our Owner’s Clinic, or “Open House” gatherings. Every six months, each of our four dealerships hosts their customers for an evening of friendly fun, yummy food, and the ability to have our guests ask the staff questions about their new vehicle. Curtis Hancock, our director of parts and service, is especially proud of the rare opportunities owner’s clinics present to customers.

guyandmatt“I think there are two things that really make owner’s clinics special opportunities,” Curtis says. “For one thing, when you buy a new car, for better or worse, you’re two to 6 hours in when you take delivery of your new vehicle. Then we go over all its features, show you how it works, it’s hard to retain all that information. At an open house, you can ask us anything you want, because all of us are there, finance, sales, and service.”

rexplaining“Open houses also provide people a chance to tour the shop, one-on-one with a technician. We almost never pull service off the line, so to be able to spend 15, 20 minutes walking and talking with someone who can answer literally any question you have about your vehicle is really unusual, and when we hear from people who have enjoyed our open houses, that’s often what they talk about.”

rockWe cherish every opportunity we get to spend time with our customers, and our open house events allows us to forge relationships outside of our conventional work schedule. We had our most recent Acura and Ford open houses in August, and we are already looking forward to our next Hyundai open house on September 17th. If you’ve purchased a new Hyundai in the past 6 months, we hope to see you there!

Why is Tax Season Good?

Tax season is here! Why is that a good thing? Many of us have already received our refunds and are investing money Ford-F-150_2015back into the economy through automotive purchases. A win-win for the economy and the consumer.

So what vehicles are the most sought after?  The 2015 Ford F-150 and Acura TLX proudly sit among the top sellers in a January auto sales report, according to

“Momentum is especially strong for our F-Series pickup, with the all-new F-150 the hottest product on our dealers lots in January,” said Erich Merkle, Ford’s U.S. sales analyst. Ford reported that the new aluminum-bodied F-150 is averaging just 12 days on the lot. High-end Platinum and King Ranch F-150 models are “turning even faster, averaging just nine and 10 days, respectively,” Ford said.

Ford posted a 15 percent sales increase in the U.S. in January, with sales of 178,351 vehicles.

Photographer: Benedict Redgrove;Acura’s revamped Acura TLX was a top performer as well. Consumers grabbed 2,892 TLXs in January, “easily besting the combined sales of its two predecessors in January 2014 by 27.9 percent,” the company said. The TLX replaces the Acura TL and TSX. A sure winner for 2015.

Check out our vast selection of F-series trucks and the gorgeous Acura TLX’s HERE. We’ve got plenty of both these winning vehicles in Ashland, come by and check them out! Turn lemons into lemonade with this tax season!


Ford is the Future of Tough, Smart Innovation

Ford leads the pack in 2015 with technology and innovation, as evidenced with their stunning new Mustangs and incredible new F-150 trucks. Check out this link highlighting just a few of the futuristic and productive upgrades to the F-150….Then watch this amazing video on the durability of these new lightweight F-150’s.


Ford Shows Off at Innovation Festival

seatbeltFord got a chance to show off this weekend.  The company was one of ten invited to display patented technology at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in the nation’s capitol.  The 2-day Innovation Festival was hosted by the  Smithsonian Instititute and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Patent and Trademark Office.  The festival allowed the public to see and interact with some of the most cutting edge technology being developed by public, private, and academic institutions.  Ford’s display featured the company’s inflatable seatbelt.  Bill Coughlin, president and CEO of Ford Global Technologies, says, “Ford has a rich history of developing industry-first technology, and for that effort, and to be recognized by such a prestigious institution, is a great honor for our team.”

For more about the Innovation Festival click here.


Butler Employees Honored

October’s been a big month for Butler employees! Here’re a few of the honors bestowed among our ranks over the past few weeks:

David croppedDavid Welch (Ford shop) earned the title Senior Master Technician, a level of skill that took years, and more than 600 hours to studying and testing, to achieve. A Ford rep even stopped by to shake David’s hand, take him to lunch, and give him a cool plaque! David joins Butler’s other three Senior Master Certified Techs. We’re so proud of them all!


ThadThad Grogan (Body Shop) won his age group at the Dry Creek Ex-change Trail Horse Competition! In three contests throughout the year Thad and his quarter horse, Cody, cleared obstacles and jumped logs and gates in quick enough time to come from behind and take home the buckle. Thad, who’s been riding for more than five years and competing for three, says he takes horse classes every Saturday night so he and Cody can master real-life skills and be ready for anything the trail might throw them. As for whether he’ll compete again next year Thad says, “It’s fun, but… now that I’ve won I don’t want to lose now!” Congratulations, Thad!

GuyGuy Fowler (Body Shop) was honored by Living Opportunities for his gorgeous contribution to this year’s FurnARTure event. The auction is the signature fundraiser for The Studio at Living Opps, a branch of the non-profit that provides Living Opps clients with art instruction and materials. Guy donated a matching set of Adirondeck chairs he’d built by hand and “weather-proofed” with automotive paint! The items were sold in the FurnARTure silent auction. We’re in awe of Guy for the time, effort, and heart he contributed to a non-profit Butler proudly stands behind.

Peter McFadden in Jail for MDA edited croppedPeter McFadden (Sales Manager) raised more than $800 in “bail” after getting locked up for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Actually, Pete and the other “jailbirds” spent a few hours at the Buffalo Wild Wings on October 29th where they called everyone they could think of to raise funds. Thanks to everyone who contributed, Pete brought in more than $800, enough to send a child with Muscular Dystrophy to camp! Way to go, Pete!

September 2014 Events at Butler Ford/Acura!

September is a busy month at Butler Ford/Acura! We have two events coming up, both of which allow us time to visit with our customers outside of the normal sales atmosphere.

FordEblast_JOIN USAcuraEblast_JOIN US 2014
First, on Thursday, September 18th we’re having another Open House. You’ll be treated to food and tours of the shop (you know you’ve always wanted see where your car or truck gets worked on!), and have the opportunity to ask questions of our entire staff. Need help pairing your phone with your vehicle, or learning how to use your spare kit? Our Open House events provide the opportunity for both, and a whole lot more. All you have to do is RSVP by the end of the day Monday, September 15, and then show up at 5:30 on the day of the event!

Second, we’re having another Drive 4 UR School to benefit Phoenix High School! Never been to a Drive 4 UR School event? It’s fun! Test drive any one of a certain selection of Fords between 10:00 and 4:00 on Saturday, September 27th, and Ford Motor Corporation will donate $20 bucks to the high school! Funds go to support sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities. There’s also food and clothing for sale, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the band showed up to provide us with some rockin’ background tunes! Come support your favorite student; It’s easy and FUN!