Honda Considering Convertible Acura NSX

Acura NSX Roadster from 'The Avengers'

Acura NSX Roadster from ‘The Avengers’

Is it too soon to talk about convertibles in light of this weekend’s snow?  Nah!   Not when we’re talking about a convertible Acura NSX!  Acura’s parent company, Honda told Autocar that it’s considering a drop-top version of the NSX Roadster that appeared as Tony Stark’s ride in The Avengers movie last year.  That NSX was purely a prop and took its design cues from the sportscar’s original incarnation produced from 1989 to 2005.  The next gen NSX is scheduled to debut in 2015.  If a rag-top goes into production, too, look for it in 2017.   Snow or no snow, we’ll happpily volunteer for a test drive!


NSX Commercial Puts the ‘Tea’ in Tease

An NSX Concept GT would come in useful in so many circumstances… impressing friends, dashing to the store for snacks before tailgating, boiling water. We don’t know if the sleek sportscar would actually generate enough heat to set a teakettle to whistlin’ but that’s what Honda would have us believe in a new web commercial. Far-fetched? Sure. Entertaining? Always. Do we still want an NSX? You know it!

Automotive Acronyms

First on race dayYou’ve heard ’em, the acronyms that make fun of automotive brands by turning their name into some sort of descriptive phrase like “FORD= First On Race Day” or “Chevy- Can Hear Every Valve Yelling”.  Some  auto makers like Ford and Jeep even adopted their acronyms as slogans!  We’d heard some of ’em but, had no idea how many such plays on words were actually out there!  So we did a little research and came up with a list a some of the wittiest and most popular.  Enjoy.  And if you know of any we’ve missed, send ’em our way!

“Actual Use Devours Income”
“Another Ugly Deutche Invention”

“Big Money Waster”

“”Can Hear Every Valve Screaming”
“Cannot Have Expensive Vehicle Yet”

“Don’t OverDo Granny’s Engine”
“Darned Ol’ Dirty Gas Eater”

“Fix It Again Tomorrow”
“Flat In All Tires”

“First On Race Day”
“Found On Road Dead”
“For Only Real Drivers”
“Fabulous Off-Road Driving”
“Fix Or Repair Daily”

“Had One, Never Do Again”
“Hold On, Not Done Accelerating”

“How Your Usual Nerd Drives An Import”

JEEPjust enough essential parts
“Just Enough Parts”
“Just Elaborate Expensive Problem”

“Keeping It Affordable”

“Money Guzzler”

“Neatly Installed Sheet Steel Around Nothing”

“People On Narcotocs Think It’s A Chevy”
“Pull Over Now, The Injectors Are Cooked”

“Sorta Ugly But Altogether Really Unique”

“Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto”
“Take Out Your Old Tools Again”

“Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object”

“Virtually Worthless”
“Very Wonderful”

MotorTrend Talks with Chief Engineer of the Much Anticipated Acura NSX

Acura-NSX-Concept-02If you’re at all a sports car fan you’re probably aware that Honda’s developing the next generation of the Acura NSX, what John Lamm in his book ‘Supercars‘ called “the thinking man’s exotic car”.   The first incarnation of the NSX lasted from 1989-2005.  While questions remain about whether the new and improved NSX will arrive in 2014 or 2015 we are learning more about the vehicle specifics.  Just this week, Chief NSX Engineer Ted Klaus dropped by MotorTrend for a chat about what he calls his dream job.  Click here to read the story.  Then stay tuned to this blog for word on when the next NSX will make it to market!

Mini Acura NSX? Yes, Please!

As fans of the NSX, the Acura sports car said to be making a comeback since its initial 1991-2005 run, eagerly await new production, rumor has it Honda’s considering a mini NSX. Motortrend reports the “Small NSX” may look a whole lot like its larger sibling (this photo is an artist’s impression) and that the two models may even share some parts to cut down on costs. Should the full-sized NSX make the expected splash upon its 2015 release, Motortrend predicts the mini could follow two years later. Until then, we have the artist’s renditions to keep the dream alive.

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Honda’s New Flagship Luxury Sedan: The Acura RLX

Acura RLX, concept car


2013 is a big year for Acura. Honda’s luxury brand introduced the all-new 2013 ILX, Acura’s new entry-level luxury sedan, earlier this year. (Then, when it arrived on the lot, we immediately posted pics on Facebook so you could get a first look! For more on the ILX visit Now it’s time to make room for the all-new 2014 RLX, Acura’s new flagship sedan, and the replacement for the RL. Honda debuted the RLX concept at the New York International Auto Show earlier this year. Look for 2014s to make it to the lot.

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