Did You Drift Your Hotwheels? Just Wait Til You Hear This!

Back in the ’80s before the word “drifting” became popular, we used to push our Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys cars with great gusto, attempting to MAKE them turn in the way we wanted them to (aka “drifting”). I’m not sure what we called it back then – we could almost hear and smell the screeching and burning tires, but alas, we couldn’t bend the laws of physics and actually make our little die-casts turn themselves.

Today’s kids however, will never have to experience that sad let down.  Enter Driftpad, a special low-friction surface by TYO Toys. This pad can be made into a homemade course you can send your toys cars sliding, skidding and drifting just like Ken Block!

For $15, the adhesive-backed Driftpad and included barriers and cones give you the raw materials to build the course of your dreams. However there’s some tinkering that’s involved with this.

Specifically, you’re gonna have to create a launching ramp with just the right downhill angle to pitch your die-casts into a bit of a spin. From there, once they hit the Driftpad, the magic begins.

At least, theoretically. TYO Toys’ Phil Foss shows how he creates the perfect undulating surface for precision small-scale drifting in fascinating video.

Ken Block Drives Ford Fiesta ST in “Ultimate Gymkhana”

Ken-Block-Gymkhana-6Let’s start the week off with a ton of tire smoke and squealing, shall we?  Ken Block and his 2013 Ford Fiesta ST race car are back with Gymkhana 6: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course.  For the uninitiated, gymkhana started as an equestrian event.  Barrel, flag, and keg racing, events you might see at a rodeo, all qualify as gymkhana.  In motorsport gymkhana drivers are judged on the time and/or speed with which they navigate often complex obstacle courses.  Mr. Block is one of the best.  His latest course features jumps, a wrecking ball, “police” in Lamborghinis, and Segue Scooters, to name a few.  Enjoy!

Tip:  If you’re at work, you might want to turn down the volume!

Image courtesy: http://www.crankandpiston.com