Butler Ford Employees Come Through in Peanut Butter Drive

pbutterYou may have heard about the peanut butter drive we at Butler Ford held last week. The event was part of a Northwest Ford Dealers Advertising Association program that paired dealerships up with local food banks to bring in one of the most coveted nonperishable food items out there. Before promoting the drive to the public we discussed ways to inspire Butler employees to get in on the fun and came up with the idea of holding a competition between the sales, service, and office staff. The winning group would get some kind of a party.

pb serviceBoy, did people come through! The service department immediately went looking for outside donations and hit pay-dirt with Cash-n-Carry, Pulver & Leever Real Estate and Grocery Outlet. Just check out the stash Iman showed up with Friday morning! The sales team came through in a big way, too, calling on the folks at Rogue Valley CrossFit. One CrossFit mom even requested that all guests at her child’s birthday party bring peanut butter for her to donate!

Ultimately, we have yet to figure out which department won or even how many pounds of peanut butter we brought it but we know this much: It’s a LOT! Huge thanks to everyone who pitched in! We’re so proud to be part of this community!

Butler Ford Wants Your Peanut Butter!

Calling all grocery shoppers! Pick up an extra jar of peanut butter during next week’s trip to the store and help Ford feed hungry kids! As part of the 2014 Ford Focus on Child Hunger campaign Ford dealerships across the Northwest are holding a peanut butter drive from June 14th – 21st. We’ll be collecting peanut butter specifically because it’s nutritious and non-perishable and, thus, one of the most highly coveted food bank items. Each dealership will be working in conjunction with a local food bank. Butler Ford will be partnering with the Ashland Community Service Food Pantry. More details will be forthcoming but all you really need to know is that if you bring a new jar of peanut butter to Butler Ford (1977 Highway 99, Ashland, OR) during the week of June 14-21st you’ll be helping us help others!