Butler Hyundai Open House/Soft Grand Opening is Tonight!

We hope you’ll join us for food, friends, all-things automotive and a look at our brand new showroom! All we ask is that you let us know you’ll be coming! RSVP to Sharon at (541) 245-5335. See you soon!

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Phase 2 of Butler Hyundai Remodel: Service Area Makeover

The newly-renovated Butler Hyundai service lounge... It's coming together!

The newly-renovated Butler Hyundai service lounge… It’s coming together!

Now that phase 1 of our Butler Hyundai showroom addition is complete we’ve moved on to Phase 2, the Service area makeover! Our goal is to make this space as inviting and comfortable for you as possible. Here’s our progress so far.

Butler Hyundai Construction Update: We (Almost) Have a Roof!

It’s the first week of June and the addition to Butler Hyundai is starting to take shape!  Framing’s underway and the roof is going on.  Only another month and a half to go!

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That’s Progress!

May 16 14 2One of the toughest parts of weathering a remodel is watching the construction happen.  While the rest of the world says, “Man, that building went up fast!”, those of us witnessing every hour of the process almost can’t see the progress.

But not today!  Today there is a noticeable change in the face of Butler Hyundai even if it is just the beginnings of the new showroom’s foundation!  Here are the photos so far.  Thanks to the guys from Adroit we might make our July 24th deadline, after all!

Butler Hyundai is Remodeling!

pardon-our-dustIf you’ve driven by Butler Hyundai recently you may have noticed our parking lot has been considerably diminished.  The area’s blocked off with fencing and construction tape and the doors and windows are covered.  While it looks quite the mess we’re excited about what that mess is leading to:  a new glass showroom big enough to hold six vehicles, and a cleaner, brighter, happier, environmentally friendly aesthetic!  Local company Adroit Construction is doing the work and says we can look forward to our new building on July 24th.  So, please hang in there with us and then come celebrate during our August 21st Open House!  We’re excited to show you around!

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Butler Kia Renovates Service Area

IMG_2267We know waiting while your oil gets changed or your tires rotated isn’t always fun, and often takes more time than you’d hoped. That’s why Butler Automotive Group is making its service areas more comfortable and user-friendly. The latest Butler store to get a facelift is Butler Kia. You’ll immdiately notice the new paint job (we’re working on getting artwork on the walls). We’ve also incorporated the parts and service departments into one area and made them easily accessible to the customer lounge where you’ll find TV, the latest reading materials, a play-space for kids, and all the free coffee, tea and hot cocoa you could ever need. We hope your time with us is enjoyable and, if there’s anything else you need, just ask!