YouTube car rapper stars in new Acura commercial

Chances are you are one of the 16.5 million people who have seen the entertaining YouTube video of a woman rapping to Salt-N-Pepa’s “None of Your Business” in her car, unaware that her husband was filming her performance. Her name is Chelsea Ranger and now she’s rapping to Blondie’s “Rapture” behind the wheel of a 2015 Acura RDX in a TV commercial airing throughout the United States and Canada. Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes video of her journey from YouTube to the Acura RDX!

1978 Ford F-150 Shines in ‘Cheap Truck Challenge’

$4,000, tops. That’s how much the guys who participate in Dirt Every Day’s Cheap Truck Challenge are allowed to spend. 2-grand to buy a vehicle and 2- grand to soup it up. The 2013 episode pits a 1978 Ford F-150 against a 1993 Landcruiser and an ’89 Jeep Cherokee. The competition includes rock crawling, hill climbing and mug bogging. And big 80’s-hair wigs, although we’re not sure why. Doesn’t matter, though. At the risk of spoiling the suspense we’ll just say it’s hard to beat a Ford, no matter what vintage it may be. Enjoy!



Where to Find Butler Auto Group on Social Media

Like businesses all around the world Butler Automotive Group believes it’s important to participate on a variety of social media platforms, not just for advertising purposes but to stay in touch with you, our customer.  One of the many reasons we love social media activity is because it can be so much more than educational and informative; It can also be big fun!

We know many of you from Facebook – we have a page for each store as well as Butler Auto Group and Butler’s Service Centers.  But we’re also on Twitter, YouTube, WordPress (where you’ll find a blog for each store), and Pintrest.  As far as Google+ and FourSquare go we’re just getting started.  Which leads us to pose a question:  What’s your social media site of choice?

If you haven’t checked out our many social pages we invite you to (see links below), and then to offer feedback and keep in touch.  After all, you are the reason we’re here, whether at a physical location or anywhere on-line!







Kia’sBUZZ Informs, Entertains and Educates

Kia’s “Power to Surprise” slogan applies to so much more than the company’s products. Kia’s also interested in education, information, and entertainment. As such, KiaBUZZ has uploaded a host of videos to YouTube ranging from ads run ’round the world (see tennis superstar Rafael Nadal’s “I Like Kia” commercial) to calls to action (like the 2012 End Poverty PSA, below), to instructional shorts on Kia UVO technology, and even ways to handle common driving events, like experiencing a flat tire (also below). For the whole assortment of videos visit Kia Motors Worldwide at