Everyone Has a Past: Learning about Our Butler Co-Workers

IMG_5687As much as we at Butler Auto Group feel like a family the truth is that some of us know very little about each other.  That’s why we’ve added a new tradition to our monthly birthday celebrations.  Now, whenever that month’s “birthday babies” get up to blow out the candles on their cake they must first tell the crowd something about their life the rest of us aren’t likely to know.  We started the practice only a couple months ago and there have already been a few surprises!  Here are the findings from this month’s celebrants.

Devin Burch (not pictured) grew up on an Indian reservation.


Rex Cunningham served in Desert Storm.


Chuck Hanson serves as an umpire for local sports.

Now, we have so many questions!  Hopefully we won’t have to wait until next October to find out even more!

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