Super Bowl Split


If you’d asked me whether our Butler family would be a.) watching the Super Bowl and b.) rooting for the Niners, I would have answered with an emphatic “Yes!” to both.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m not betting on the game ‘cause I sure got that call wrong.  In fact, it was surprising how many people, when asked if they care who wins on Sunday, responded with, “Who’s playing?”

Here’s the breakdown:

Niner fans:
John Stafford 2 Web        John Oliveira Web        Richard Bennett Web        Jason Cantrell Web        Peter McFadden3 Web

Chris McDonald Web        KaylaJillPhotography-15

Ravens fans:
Joe Butterfield Web        Drew Bechard Web        Rikki Fraughton Web

In it for the commercials:
Chris Lagan Web

In it for the food:
Richard Parker Web




Won’t be watching:
Randy Tolbert Web        Rex Cunningham Web        Joel Nickerson Web        Larry Moss Web        Paul Welch Web

Given that we have nearly as many Niner fans as Ravens fans and people who don’t care combined, it at least seems a pretty good bet that half of us will be happy come Monday.  Enjoy the game!


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